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Bernadette post on January 23rd, 2016
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The joy of journaling our thoughts can be penned in any type of notebook or bound book. We journal our thoughts for many reasons and purposes. Some journals hold specific intentions- visualization journals, sketch journals, gratitude journals- while others keep our intimate reflections. No matter our purpose for showing up at the page, there is always time to take our journaling to another level.

How about starting a Doodling Journal? Or, simply add doodles to your daily journaling.

If you’re a doodler than you understand the habit. It’s hard for you not to draw, sketch, or scribble while you’re listening to a teacher or sitting in a meeting. You are poised, with pen in hand, ready to write down something of importance. But while you wait for that golden piece of knowledge, a bunny wearing a hat and boots suddenly appears on your notepad. Or perhaps patterns start to emerge around the edges of your paper. In my case, it’s most likely a growing vine that crawls along my margins.

What is your go-to doodle? What does your doodling say about you?

Recently I read an enewsletter about doodling from the magazine Cloth, Paper Scissors,, “The Path of Art Journaling.” The author had some interesting ideas:

“Doodling fits right in with visual journaling. On the one hand, it’s stream-of-consciousness drawing. 

On the other hand, you can give doodling a structure and mindfulness with Zen approach, like Zentangle™. Zen doodling is like drawing in a labyrinth: meditating on a form.

 If you’re not a regular doodler or want to add to your repertoire, here are some doodling prompts to try:

  • Print a word, spacing the letters a little farther apart than normal. Add lines, curlicues, dots, etc. to each letter to give it personality and dimension.
  • Draw a square and divide it evenly with horizontal and vertical lines, like a grid. Now, fill in every other square on each line, and every offset square in the line above and below it, checkerboard style, with doodles. Make the doodles the same or different.
  • Choose a motif, like a square, a wagon wheel, a triangle, etc. Repeat that motif bigger, smaller, and the same size on your page, connecting the doodles.
  • Write a word or draw a shape, then repeat that word or shape, each time using a different mark-making tool or medium (pens, crayons, colored pencils, paintbrushes, etc.).
  • Cut out a page from a magazine and doodle over and around the images and words. Try using a white gel pen.”

Give it a try. When the words aren’t flowing– doodle. Let the pen roam around the page. Don’t try to draw a perfect picture. Don’t force your hand. Relax your mind and let the pen lead you. Find your center of creativity, that quiet, inspired place within you. The more you relax, the clearer you can hear your inner voice. Sounds like meditation? Perhaps. But let’s not over think it. It’s just doodling!

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