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These prompts are to help jump start your creativity. If you already journal, enjoy. If you want to create a habit of journaling daily, these prompts can give you a push if you’re stumped on what to write about. While writing about your fears, troubles, personal issues, and grievances can be therapeutic and quite healthy, it is sometimes good to reach into your center, that place of creativity and memory. Play a little.

Try the kids and teens prompts too!

Try These:

  • If you could be anyone in present time or past, who would it be and why?
  • Fall is a time that brings back many feelings of childhood. List some of those feelings, expound…
  • Use the picture on the right to create a short story.

Don’t forget to check back regularly!

Last Time …

  1. Name a current problem you have. Now take 3 pages to write about it without lifting your pen. Does that change the problem or its intensity?
  2. How do you spend your free time? Does it align with what’s important to you?
  3. Who, in your everyday life, do you admire the most? Why?
  4. You’re ready to scream. You can’t take it anymore. Make a list of all your possible escapes.
  5. If you could have an abundance of one of these what would it be? Wealth, Happiness, or Health.  Why?
  6. A person walks down the street and falls in a hole. The next day this person goes down the same street sees the hole in time and steps around it. On the third day the person takes a different street.  What is the hole you keep falling into and what will it take to get you to go down another street?
  7. Write a story from your childhood. Write the first one that comes to you. You can write it in first person, or just relay your memory.
  8. List all the things you’d like to change about yourself. Now rewrite this list as if these were qualities you love about yourself.
  9. Randomly open a book or a magazine with pictures and pick a picture to write about. Write anything. What does the picture remind you of, or remind you to do? Make up a story from the pictures. Let your mind go. Write for 10 minutes straight without raising your pencil.


Another picture prompt:


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