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Ready to Write?

Scroll Down for Kid Prompts!


If you’re new to Journal Clubs, scroll to new.

 Kid Prompts! Write Away! 

Today …

  • List all the things that make you think of autumn.
  • What is your ideal Halloween costume?
  • Write a story about a pumpkin, a ghost and a bat who’s afraid of the dark.
  • Use the picture on the right as a prompt: What’s the story here?

Lots more prompts below! Keeping Writing!


If you are new to Journal Club, read this first…

To be in Journal Club you have to  . . .

1) Grab a notebook, journal or diary (whatever you want to call it)

2) find a pen, and maybe glue, tape, markers, sketch pencils, stickers, etc.

3) activate your imagination! And have fun.

If you are a New Member and/or have a New Journal Notebook, try this . . .

1)   Decorate the cover any way you want (I recommend stickers and permanent markers)

2)   Make a title page on the first page like “Keep Out” or “Read at Your Own Risk” or “Welcome”

3)   Next page is your “All About Me” or “About the Author” page. Tell about yourself. List your likes and dislikes, the activities you do, and so on.

Have fun writing and creating.  Check back for new writing ideas. Use these writing nudges or prompts to help you get ideas for your next journal page. Remember there are no rules. You don’t have to stay on the lines, or worry about spelling, or even make a whole lot of sense.  Just have fun!

Earlier Prompts You Might Have Missed:

  1. Pick out a book and open it up to any page. Copy the first full sentence.  Now write a story.
  2. You are granted 2 wishes. What would they be and why? (You can’t include money or invincibility)
  3. Write a story about a girl whose bike gets stolen and how she finds it using her best detective work.
  4. Create a new product. Draw images of it. Describe what it does. Now write the commercial for it. Sell it to your friends!
  5. Make a list of all the ways you can cool down on a hot day.
  6. You wake up in the middle of the night and you can’t sleep. List all the things you would like to do under the light of the moon.
  7. What is your favorite color? List all the things you can think of in that color. Now cut that color out of magazines and make a collage.
  8. Write a story about a flying squirrel, a pineapple, and a monkey.
  9. You wake up in the morning. It’s suppose to be Monday, but you find out it’s Saturday again. Describe your feelings. List them. Write about them. Draw a picture of your face.
  10. Too Cold?  Too much snow? What will you do on your snow day.
  11. Make a list of all the things you like to do in the snow. Be creative!
  12. Write a story about a snowman, a robin and a snow storm.
  13. Make a list of all the things you do on your weekends. What things would you like to do?
  14. Pick something in your bedroom, and make up a story as to how it came to be.
  15. List some goals for yourself. See what you can accomplish by the end of the summer. Learn something new. Write a chapter book. Write lyrics to a melody you made up. Learn all the presidents in order. Learn the state capitols song.
  16. Write a story about a friend who comes back from camp different than when she/he left.  How does it change your friendship?
  17. Like I said last time:  School is out!  Summer is here!  Have you made your list of fun things you want to do this summer? Get started!
  18. School is out! Summer is Here! (well, almost) Time to list all the things you want to do this summer. Use this list as a way to make sure you’re using your time to the fullest.
  19. Write a story about a day at the beach that goes differently than you had planned. This can be a scary, funny or dramatic story.
  20. Write about your last days of school.
  21. Write a story about a kid hiding a pet from his/her parents.  How long would it be before the parents find out?
  22. Finish this poem in your own words: “Rain, Rain Go away … “
  23. If you were to do something for a charity, what would it be? How would it make you feel?
  24. Write a story about an old playground that you find while visiting your grandparents. When you go down the slide, you end up in another time period.
  25. List all the things you would like to do before your next birthday.
  26. Write a concrete poem using an image of Easter or Spring.
  27. Write a story of how clouds came to be.  Make up reasons why we have clouds in the sky.
  28. Make a list of all the things you like about the month of April.
  29. Write a story about your St. Patrick’s Day and include the words: Leprechaun, gold, and catastrophe.
  30. Write your favorite color on the top of a page. Now write all the words that come to your mind when you think of this color.
  31. Wishing it was warmer? Write a story about the spring that wouldn’t come.
  32. You just found out school is cancelled for a snow day! What do you
  33. Doodle a winter scene on a full page in your journal using winter words mixed in.
  34. Write a story about a mouse, an empty school, and a class pet.
  35. Make a list of all the people who love you.
  36. Write about a porcupine, a balloon, and a you.
  37. Write a Valentine’s Day Poem to a friend or parent.
  38. Write a story about a tree house, a raccoon family, and a journal.
  39. Write the story of how you got your name
  40. Cut pictures out of old magazines and catalogs that you like a make a collage.

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