Bernadette post on February 6th, 2013

Looking for something to write about?  

Whether writing is your thing or not,  journaling can be fun. Give it a try!


First timers start here, otherwise scroll down for writing prompts

Use this page to get ideas on how to let your mind go.

Try this:

  • Starting a new journal?  Personalize it. Decorate the cover or inside pages with your own art, or stickers or favorite quote.
  • Create a cover page: a warning to anyone who dare reads it or an invitation to the reader
  • Then in the following pages, write whatever comes to you.
  • There are no rules.

Writing Prompts Here

  • List all the smells of autumn, all the colors, all the sounds, all the tastes…
  • List all your past Halloween costumes. Which one was your favorite?
  • Write about a famous person joining you and your family for Thanksgiving dinner. How embarrassing would that be?
  • You can also write a story using this picture on the right: You’re stranded on a deserted island, now what?


Return regularly for fresh ideas!   

Keep Journaling

  1. If you could change your name, what would it be? And why.
  2. Write a story about how the sky came to be.
  3. Make some predictions about the rest of the day. Or about the rest of your summer. Dream big! Be creative. Make some things happen.
  4. List all at the things that make you nervous. Now list all the things that you can do not be nervous about those things. Be creative and solve your own nervousness. If there are things that are too big for you to solve, talk to an adult you trust.
  5. List all the things that make you happy. Create your summer to-do checklist from your happy list.
  6. Write a story that takes place in one day. It begins with you waking up and your parents are gone.
  7. Describe your bed pillow in detail. Fill a whole page.
  8. Yuk! A boring time of year. Same old routine. To break the monotony, create a new holiday to Write with friends. Each of you will write 6 things about yourself. Secretly, one of those 6 things is a fib. See if your friends can guess with one is false.celebrate. Give it a name and create activities to go with it.
  9. If you could be an animal, what kind would you be? Now write a story about how you woke up one day as that animal. What is
  10. your day like? How does your life change?
  11. It’s a Snow Day!  No School!  Make a list of what you’ll do.
  12. Did Santa bring you what wanted for Christmas? If not, what gift was missing that would have made your holiday perfect?
  13. You write a story about a friend’s difficult situation. It gets published. Now you’re worried your friend will realize who the story is about. What do you do?
  14. Make a list of all the things you want to do this summer. Write down what you will do, as well as, what you’d like to do, even if it’s unrealistic. Then make a list of how you could make the unrealistic things happen. Dream Big!
  15. You are probably being told that this summer you need to do service work and/or find a job. Write down all the types of jobs or service work you think is possible for you to do and which ones you would really like to do. Make a plan. Be productive while also carving out time to be a kid and enjoy summer fun. Find the balance and you’ll have a great summer!
  16. Make a list of names you’d wished your parents named you? What do they mean?
  17. If you could do one of these three things, which would you choose, and why? 1- walk on water    2-eat ice cream all day  3- talk to dogs
  18. Use the picture at the right to help you write a story.
  19. List all your friends. Which one would make a good character for one of your stories?
  20. Write a story about a kid who found $150 on his way home from school.  It is exactly the amount of money needed for something the kid had been wanting. What happens next to your character?
  21. You are sitting on the bus next to a women who appears homeless. She is humming to herself. You see $10 on the bus floor. What do you do? Why? How does that make you feel?
  22. List all the good things people do for you everyday.
  23. List all the good things you would like to do but don’t. Then write about why you don’t do those good things.
  24. Create a character using personality traits from all your friends and/or family.
  25. “The only job you start at the top is digging a hole.” -anonymous.  Write what you think this quote means.
  26. Write a story where you “dig a hole” of your own.IMG_0175
  27. Make up a commercial about one of your favorite products.
  28. Write a poem about winter using very vivid language that makes us cold just by reading it.
  29. Make up a story about how you learned to ice skate.
  30. Write song lyrics about a love affair with snow.
  31. Write about the best date you can imagine.
  32. Make a list of all the people you like and why you like having them in your life.
  33. Write a Valentine to someone in verse.
  34. List all the people in your life that would do anything for you.
  35. Get some old magazines and cut out things that interest you; make a collage.
  36. Write a short story about how the moon came to be in the sky.



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