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Journal Writing Club Workshops

Have fun creating your own stories!
You’ll decorate your own writing journal,
play writing games, read stories, and
explore new ways to express your creativity.

For Students at OLMCA in Lakeview, Chicago

Grades 2 – 8

Mondays – 3 to 4 PM beginning January 15 and ending March 12 (No class on Jan 15 or Feb 19)

Questions? Contact me (Bernadette Golitz) at


Interested in a Journal Club at your school?

Or over the summer Journal Club writing camps?

Contact me (Bernadette Golitz) at

More About Journal Clubs

Writing Workshops

Do it yourself (if you can’t join me)

Who:   A teacher, a writer, anyone qualified to work with children in grades 2 – 8

What:   Journal Clubs are a series of weekly workshops. An 8-session Journal Club book, designed to help you start your very own club, is available upon request. See contact information above.journal class 010

Where:  Wherever there is room. If you’d like to start your own Journal Club, you’re in luck!

When:  Clubs meet weekly for an hour after school and daily for a week-long summer camps.

Why:   Journal Club Writing Workshops and Camps were created to help children become more comfortable with the process of writing. While the academic approach to teaching writing is constructive and important, it all too often restrains creativity.  Journal writing is freer and meant to take the pressure off young writers. All children like to color, doodle or sketch from time to time. They do this without the expectation of becoming the next Picasso.  Children should know that writing can be the same sort of fun.

journal class 018

In addition, middle school and high school students benefit from learning to take time from their busy schedules. Journaling is an excellent way for them to stir their imaginations, help them problem solve, and guide them to a better understanding of themselves.

Journal writing is an excellent way for children to learn to collect their own ideas about the world around them. So please encourage your child to write for fun. And think about starting a journal yourself. Journal writing is a wonderful way to sort out the day’s chaos and help us discover what is really important.

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