Bernadette post on February 6th, 2013

Welcome to Journal Clubs

–a fun way to bring new and experienced writers

together to share their work, ideas, and creative processes.

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Journal Clubs for Students:

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OLMCA After School Journal Club

Journal writing workshops and camps were developed to help children become comfortable with the writing process. While the academic approach to teaching writing is constructive and important, it all too often restrains creativity. Journal writing is freer and meant to take the pressure off of young writers. All children like to color, doodle or sketch from time to time. They do this without the expectation of becoming the next Picasso. I’d like children to know that writing can be the same kind of fun.

Middle school and high school students benefit from learning to take time from their busy schedules. Journaling can spark imaginations, solve problems, and guide young minds to a better understanding of themselves.

Journal writing is an excellent way for children to learn to collect their own ideas about the world around them. So please encourage your child to write for fun. And think about starting a journal yourself. Journal writing is a wonderful way to sort out the day’s chaos and help us discover what is really important.

Journal Clubs for Adults:

Find a writing partner and meet for 45 to 90 minutes a week to explore ideas on the page.  Pick a topic and choose an amount of time to write. Discuss. Writing prompts come in many shapes and sizes depending on your imagination, your concerns, your beliefs, your dreams, etc.

Let’s begin …

Imagine it’s a lazy summer day. The afternoon heat is sending you into the shade. With your notebook in one hand and a pencil clenched in your teeth you climb the rungs nailed to the old maple tree until you emerge through the hole in the tree house floor. The air is cool here, hidden under the large green leaves. You settle into a corner. You look out the bare window. No one is playing in the field. The robin is resting on her eggs in the nest just below you. You open your journal turning page after page of ideas and thoughts until you come to a fresh page. You begin to write.

Even if you don’t have the magic of a tree house on a quiet summer afternoon to lure you away, you can still find a special place to excite your imagination.  Journal writing is void of all rules. You can sit on a bus, stand at the counter, lie on the floor or hide in a closet. You can write once a day, once a month, regularly or in spurts. You can be any age. The only thing you have to do to be a journaler is to open a notebook and write away.

This website is designed to help you become a journaler and find the treasures within!

Journal (noun): a bunch of unmarked papers bound together

Journal (verb): to write things down

Journaler (noun): Someone who likes to journal; in any form

Club (noun): a group of people with a common interest