Bernadette post on February 6th, 2013

About Journaling

Why Journal?

Journaling for Kids: Journal Club Writing Workshops for Kids sparks children’s creativity, helps them develop a healthy habit of journaling for a better understanding of self, and inspires young authors.

Journaling for Teens:  Our world is fast paced and full of instant information, which leads us to become over-scheduled, overloaded, and lacking in free time and thought.  Heavily scheduled teens never have the time to truly know themselves.  They know the sports they play, the classes they take, but often those things don’t, in their minds, define them.  The hope here is, through journaling, teens will have a better idea of who they are and what makes them happy.  And this will help them to become happy, successful adults.images-7

Journaling for Adults:   The process of writing out your thoughts can be very therapeutic and just plain fun. Fun to write without an editor.  Fun to explore things that normally frighten you. Fun to vent to someone for free. The reasons are numerous

Journaling for Everyone:   Your notebook is your treasure-trove of ideas, the unspoken part of yourself, the seed to your future happiness, or a place to retreat. Is there any joy greater than the smell, the feel, the look of a clean white page?  Yes, the dimpled, scribbled page covered in your own words.


About Bernadette Cortas Golitz

“Trust in what you love, and it will take you where you need to go.”   -unknown

I am  the creator of Journal Clubs for children ages 6 through 16.  In 2008 I facilitated my first after school Journal Writing Workshop and the summer camps soon followed.

Born and raised in an average American town in Indiana, I frequently felt my average life needed to be embellished. While reading was often my escape, I also found keeping a journal (diary in those days) to be a necessary distraction. Often times I filled the pink lined pages with a reader in mind. Fearful that my diary might fall into the hands of a sibling, I created entries that would entertain any possible intruder.

Journaling took on several different forms as I made my way through high school and moved on to college: wish lists, prayers, short stories and a place to vent. Writing became an escape, a rescue, an answer, a trustworthy confidant, a therapist, and a quiet companion. And so it was the love of the writing process that led me to earn a BA from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, double majoring in English Literature and Professional Writing. The minor in Business was for my dad. My career path reads much like an adventure novel, but my favorite job– Managing Fiction Editor of Fish Stories, an annual literary magazine.

At the Institute of Children’s Literature, I completed the requisite course of study Writing for Children and Teenagers and I am a recent graduate of the advanced writing program Writing and Selling Children’s Books. In addition to facilitating journal club workshops, I am a substitute teacher, a writer, and a member of the SCBWI and AET.

On a personal note, I have a brilliant, dynamic family. We live in the Wrigleyville neighborhood in Chicago with our very happy lab and muse, Teddy.



So that’s me on paper. Who are you?  I challenge you to pick up a notebook. Write for three minutes without picking up your pencil.  You just might discover something new about yourself. Write Away!